Friday, August 15, 2014

Enter: Pigtails

At almost two and a half, Penny Jones finally has enough hair to put in pigtails. Doesn't she wear them well? Her teacher at school started putting them in, and when I asked how she got Penny to sit through the process, she said, "I don't ask her. I just do it." So I started doing it, too. She likes them so much she tells me when I haven't put them in, and doesn't like to go out of the house without them. Hooray!

Chris, her bear, certainly approves. She accessorizes her pigtails with a homemade dress.

The pigtails really keep things tidy when you're getting, er, UNtidy in the backyard. Oh what fun we're having these days. We don't want summer to end!

PS. The first time Penny ever wore pigtails (a year ago!).

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