Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving, 2014

We had four days together. The weather was utterly changeable. We stayed in our house a lot, yet didn't do much at all. We tried to teach the baby to sleep for longer stretches and because of it we often tried to get cozy in the daytime.

Lulu colored with her sister. She climbed into her chair at the art table, grabbed a crayon and started scribbling.

We revisited the backyard, covered in leaves and colors of the season...

We went to the mall. The girls leaped and hopped and cried with the other babies. We saw the big man in the red suit.

Penny got a new raincoat from the thrift store. She was thrilled, especially with the hood.

The sisters took long, lazy baths together. It's probably where they get along best. Penny played with Lulu, and washed her, and tickled her toes. Lulu stared at her with such affection.

We are so tired still, but it was certainly a wonderful long weekend, where we were thankful for time together and these beautiful girls who make us laugh every single day, and fill us up again and again, with hugs.

PS. Lulu wore an argyle sweater made by me and previously worn by her sister (on Thanksgiving!).

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