Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pumpkin Patch, 2015

We did so much more at the Pumpkin Patch this year than just get a pumpkin. How we love to visit Kruger's Farm! There was a pony ride (Penny was so brave!), a hay ride, and a run through rows and rows of flowers. There were visits to a pig named Matilda, and the chance meeting of one of Penny's very best friends from preschool, Clara, and her family. It was such a lovely Autumn Day. It was a shame (well, sort of) to have to go home for naps.

When Penny found this ear of corn in the dirt and tried to feed it to Clara, they both burst into hysterical laughter. On and on they laughed, the other one grabbing the corn and trying to feed her friend. Preschool jokes! So random and so delightful to see them sharing the same sense of humor, making each other laugh...

The other thing I'll never forget about this trip was when we were on the the hay ride from the pumpkin patch, back to the farmhouse. We saw a random pumpkin on the side of the dirt path. "Look at that pumpkin!" I told Penny who sat in my lap, "He's waiting on the side of the road!". One minute later she burst in to tears, and when I could finally get her to calm down long enough to tell me what was wrong, she muttered, "That pumpkin is lonely! We have to go get him! He needs our help to get back to his friends!" It was the sweetest thing I had ever heard. Penny Jones, friend to lonely pumpkins.

PS. Kruger Farm 2014 (baby Lulu!), 2013 (no Lulu yet!), 2012 (baby Penny-ahhhhh!)

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