Thursday, December 31, 2009

Back East

Despite being ill, my holidays were really nice. My handmade (and store bought) gifts were almost all well received, and it looks like all the gifts will fit! To recap (and for my own cataloguing memories) there was:

A hat and socks for Mrs. Jones
A scarf for Mr. Jones
A pair of socks for my sister
A sweater and skirt for Poppy
A sweater for Summer
A sweater for Willow
A pair of fingerless gloves for Chloe, and another pair for Judy
A hat for each member of my favorite family
A onesy for Enna, who I haven't yet met

I also got some January birthday gifts made, between the baking and shivering. I've had a great year of knitting, and thank you so much for checking in with me here in my corner of the world. Happy New Year, Everyone!


Heather said...

I love the photo ...however, I think that this is an Easter photo! I dont even remember ever getting a Barbie! :-)
You do look ill in this photo!!
Happy New Year!

jociegal said...

Holly - that photo!!! HAHAHA - it made me laugh instantly. I hope you had a great Christmas! Miss you guys!!!